Voyage scolaire en Grande Bretagne Les élèves de TT1 et TT2 ont visité Londres

le groupe de TT1

Classes de TT1 et de TT2 du lycée, nous sommes très heureux d’effectuer un voyage linguistique et culturel à la découverte de Londres !
Nous partons du 12 janvier au 15 janvier.
De nombreuses sorties sont prévues comme la Tate Modern, musée qui regroupe la collection nationale d’art moderne et contemporain britannique et international , Picadilly Circus, la plus ancienne brasserie de Londres, et plus encore !

Lauren et Mathilde.

Articles en anglais :

We, students of terminale are going to an educational trip in London from
the 12th to the 15th of january 2015.
This trip was organised by our teachers in order to know more about London’s
culture. We will be visiting places such as Tate Britain, a business street
in the City and many other places !
We look forward to having this trip !
Luiza ( TT1)

Over the rainbow....

An amazing trip to London !

On monday 12th of january we took the Eurostar to London, we stayed there
four days and it was fantastic !.
We took lots of photos of the places we went to, we visited museums ( the
British museum, the National gallery) and learnt a lot of things about
British Art. We did some shopping as well at Harrods and Picadilly Circus.
We even saw some street art by night. It was an amazing cultural and
linguistic trip we enjoyed so much. We thank our teachers for all the things
we did and saw !
Les TT1.

Le groupe à Picadilly Circus