Visite du parlement européen de Strasbourg par la classe de 1ère Bac Pro !

Ils étaient accompagnés de Mme Bouchoir de Mme Maes, de M. Dacquigny, professeurs du lycée et de Mme Dombrowski de la Maison de l'Europe et des Yvelines. Voici le deuxième compte-rendu (en anglais, of course !) rédigé par les élèves de la classe.
« Last tuesday, we went to Strasbourg.
We had to wake up very early (between 4 and 5 in the morning) because we had be in Paris at 8:00. Happily nobody was late !
We arrived in Strasbourg at 11:00. We first walked in the city (la Petite France, the Cathedral..). Then we took the tramway.
Once arrived in the European Parliament, we took our lunch in the canteen. And then we visited the building and we had a conference.

During the conference, we learned that :
- There are 766 members of Parliament (MP's).
- The French MP's are 73.
- Europe is composed of 28 countries. - Croatia is the last country which joined Europe.
- There are 3 official languages (English, German and French) but each country can express itself in its language (24 languages)
- The next elections to elect the European MP's will take place in May 2014.
Finally, Mrs Le Grip, a French European MP, came to speak about her work.
It was already 17:30 and we had to leave the Parliament.
We arrived in Paris in 22:00. It was a long long day but unfortunately too short to visit Strasbourg ! »